About CIS Group

CIS Group is an Educational Group in Lebanon, formed of the following Institutes: CIS College, Leaders Technology Center, Higher Business College, CIS College Kurdistan, and Matn University College of Technology.
We are a leading Vocational and Technical Education College and Training Center that was established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1991. CIS College includes 14 branches all over locally and internationally. More than 2500 students graduate from CIS College yearly. In addition to the college and technical education, CIS College also is known for having the most professional Training Center that offers a wide variety of training courses of different fields.


We always strive for excellence in education; our mission is providing always up to date material in a simple professional manner.


Our main aim is staying up to date as we understand that the world is developing very quickly and realize the importance of developing at the same pace. This is why we are always updating our curricula and refreshing our material introducing new material and dropping the old ones.
The other measure is delivering the material in a professional manner while keeping it simple enough for everyone to understand the process. Because having the material is one thing and presenting it to the students is another thing we make sure that the whole process of learning is as smooth as possible to assert that the material is well delivered to the student.
Efficient management is also a key for us as we believe the internal management of the institution will be reflected in its results especially in the education industry where everything needs to be well prepared and organized for the students beforehand for them not to waste the valuable learning time. We insure that all the instructors giving our courses are professional, experienced and of high standards.

CIS Technical College in Lebanon

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