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Welcome to the CIS Career Hub, where we're dedicated to guiding students from diverse educational backgrounds towards successful career paths. As a premier educational institution offering university programs, continuing education diplomas, vocational training, and a variety of academic and technical courses, we take pride in our outstanding CIS students. Our goal is to equip them with essential employability and soft skills, ensuring they stand out and thrive in the competitive job market. Central to our services is an innovative online career portal, strategically featuring our CIS student resumes and CVs to facilitate direct connections with potential employers. Moreover, we aim to showcase our diverse pool of exceptional CIS students to attract employers seeking top talent.



The CIS Career Hub is dedicated to propelling students to excellence by providing cutting-edge skills and education, making them ideal candidates for employers. Our mission is to actively connect students with potential employers through our innovative online career portal, bridging the gap between education and the professional world.



Our vision is to be a leading force in shaping transformative career journeys. We aspire to equip students with exceptional skills, making them stand out in the job market. Through impactful internships, tailored training programs, and personalized career counselling, we envision graduates as beacons of success, defining new standards in their chosen fields.



Explore the range of services offered by the CIS Career Hub, designed to support both students and employers in achieving their goals.

Student Services :

  • Resume Writing: Professional assistance in crafting effective resumes tailored to showcase the skills, experiences, and achievements of CIS students, enhancing the chances of securing interviews.

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Guidance and support to create or refine LinkedIn profiles for CIS students, leveraging the platform's networking and job search functionalities to increase visibility to potential employers.

  • Interview Preparation Counseling: Personalized coaching sessions to equip CIS students with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in job interviews.

  • Job Opportunities: Access to exclusive job listings and internship opportunities relevant to the fields of study offered at CIS, connecting students with potential employers.

  • Career Guidance: Comprehensive guidance and resources to help CIS students explore career paths, set goals, and make informed decisions about their future endeavors, ensuring alignment with their skills and aspirations.

Employer Services :

Employers can choose from two comprehensive plans tailored to meet their recruitment needs:

Plan A - Job Posting and Candidate Access:·  

  •  Post job opportunities directly on the CIS Career Hub's online platform.

  •  Gain access to candidates who apply specifically for the posted positions, who represent diverse educational backgrounds and offering a wide range of talents suitable for various job opportunities and career levels.

Plan B - Premium Recruitment Package:

  • Post job opportunities on the CIS Career Hub's online platform.

  •  Access both the applicants applying for the offered positions and the entire talent database for a customized period.

  •  Benefit from a comprehensive selection of candidates from diverse educational backgrounds, leveraging the full existing database pool of students to fulfil all job requirements across different career levels and types.

Recruitment through the CIS Career Hub guarantees access to exceptional candidates, leveraging the diverse pool of educational backgrounds to fulfil all job requirements. Employers can find talents for all needed job opportunities across different career levels and types, knowing that they are selecting from outstanding jobseekers.

For further information, please Contact CIS Career Hub 

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