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Photography Training Course

Whether you are aiming at starting a career as a professional photographer or you are interested in using all the options in your professional camera, this course is perfect for you. We here at CIS College give courses for people of all standards, you will get first class tuition that is easy and simple to follow and will allow you to learn all the techniques  needed for you to develop into a fantastic photographer.
Topics covered are such as:
  • Exposure
  • Blurring
  • Focus
  • Types of pictures
  • Create beautiful pictures
Opportunities and workplaces for any photographer are in:
  1. Media institutions
  2. Your own business 
  3. Advertising or interior design companies
  4. Restaurants
  5. Fashion designers
  6. Beauty centers
  7. Marketing companies
Upon the completion of the Photography Training Course, students receive a certification accredited in the Photography from the Ministry of Education.
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