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Make-Up Training Course

CIS College offers a comprehensive course on the art of makeup and its tools.


In this course, you will learn the correct method of applying appropriate professional makeup during the day and at night, for films and photographs, through videos provided by a makeup expert, so that you can apply in practice and learn properly.


Topics Covered by the Course:

  • Makeup products

  • Make-up as a profession

  • Skin care

  • Make-up tools

  • How to use makeup brushes

  • Foundation and skin tone

  • Corrective makeup

  • Cosmetic make-up eye makeup

  • Face makeup

  • Make-up applications Events and business

Students receive a certification in Make-Up accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing the Make-Up course.


The Makeup training courses is a comprehensive program tailored to graduate professional makeup artists Participants will explore skin care understanding, up-to-date methods of makeup application, including special effects makeup and corrective makeup. Participants will also learn the basics of applying the appropriate makeup for each face shape. Makeup courses include learning the appropriate makeup looks for every day, and special occasions. participants enrolled in makeup courses use foundation, powder, blush, eye-shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip pencil and lipstick toolkit to apply all methods taken in class. Classroom demonstration learning focuses on face shapes and skin tones, color theory, application styles and cosmetic trends. This course is given online through Microsoft team or in classes that are equipped with all make-up essentials were participants will get a real hands-on experience as if they are in a real beauty salon at CIS premises under the supervision of highly talented instructors in the field of beauty. The makeup training course is given within 3 months.



The main objectives for the makeup training courses are:

  • Practice beauty techniques.

  • Identify different types of skins and their facials.

  • Do makeup on different types of skins i.e. oily, dry, Acne, etc.

  • Select, Operate and handle equipment according to professional standards.


Career opportunities

At the end of the makeup training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • Makeup artist/freelancer

  • Beauty salon owner

  • Makeup professional for TV presenters and celebrities 

  • Beauty content creator

  • Beauty blogger 

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