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Women Hairdressing Training Course

The Women Hairdressing Training Course is for those who are enthusiastic about becoming professional hair dressers.
Students will learn about the
  • Structure of hair
  • Gain experience in how to treat hair
  • Professionally wash the hair
  • Blow dry and style hair
  • Understand the different cutting styles
  • Understanding the coloring techniques
By the end of the course you’ll have the competences necessary to work as a hairdresser for women though you’ll also gain a consideration of men’s hair.
Students receive an accredited certificate in Women Hairdressing from the Ministry of Education upon completing this course.

The “Women Hairdressing” Training Course is for those who are enthusiastic about becoming knowledgeable hairdressers and beauty experts, and learn all about hair designs, treatments, coloring procedures and techniques. Moreover, the trainees will gain a solid knowledge in cosmetics products and helping in managing beauty salons. The trainees can benefit from the experience of our trainers in creating wonderful designs and colors. The hair dressing training course is basically a hands-on practical course that we will is given online through Microsoft teams or in equipped classes for hairdressing at CIS premises as if they are in a real salon with all equipment needed to excel at the job. The women hairdressing training course is given within 3 months.





The main objectives of the “women hairdressing” training course are:

  • Understand the importance of personal presentation and hygiene

  • Apply safety measures in the salon

  • Apply hair shampooing and cleaning effectively

  • Being able to use haircut equipment

  • Being able to help in applying different kinds of cuts

  • Apply hair color, highlight and lowlight procedures


At the end of the “women hairdressing” training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:


  • Beauty Parlor

  • Hairdressing salon owner

  • Freelancer women hairdresser

  • Women hairdresser at a beauty salon

  • Beauty expert

  • Beauty content creator

  • Beauty blogger



Course Objectives :

Career Opportunities :

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