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Assistant Pharmacist

400٫00$ سعر عادي
320٫00$سعر البيع
  • The main objectives for the pharmacist assistant training courses at our training center are:

    • Receiving some work and tasks and completing them perfectly.

    • Organizing and arranging the workplace before and after completion of work.

    • Maintains calm and order in the pharmacy, laboratory and workplace.

    • Know the departments and branches that make up the pharmacy.

    • Receiving medicines and other agents, verifying them and packing them

    • Monitoring the expiry date of medicines and avoiding spoilage

    • Knowing and using vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements

    • Knowing the filling of medical prescriptions for insurance and others

    • Accounting knowledge

    • Ability to handle and review medical prescriptions

    • Ability to collaborate effectively with the pharmacist

    • Knowledge of types of infant formula, diapers and baby supplies

    • Knowledge of pharmaceutical forms and the differences between them and ways to use them

    • Knowledge of medical supplies and their uses

    • Knowing how to use Soft Pharm Software

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