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The Network N+ Training Course is instructed in accordance to CompTIA's Network+ certification. This course teaches the students things like the basics of networking, troubleshooting, network management, and disaster recovery. This course sets the students on the right track if they are pursuing a career in IT or specifically in networking.

Upon the completion of the Network (N+) Training Course, the student attains an accredited certification in Network (N+) Training Course from the Ministry of Education.

Network N+

200٫00$ سعر عادي
180٫00$سعر البيع
  • The main objectives for the Network N+ training courses at our training center are:

    • Identify basic network theory concepts and major network communications methods

    •  Describe bounded network media.

    • Identify unbounded network media.

    •  Identify the major types of network implementations.

    •  Identify TCP/IP addressing and data delivery methods.

    •  Implement routing technologies.

    •  Identify the major services deployed on TCP/IP networks.

    •  Identify the infrastructure of a WAN implementation.

    • Identify the components used in cloud computing and virtualization.

    •  Describe basic concepts related to network security.

    •  Prevent security breaches.

    • Respond to security incidents.

    •  Identify the components of a remote network implementation.

    •  Identify the tools, methods, and techniques used in managing a network.

    •  Describe troubleshooting of issues on a network.

  • At the end of the Network N+ training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

    • Network specialist

    • Computer operator/ freelancer

    • Network troubleshooting specialist

    • Remote jobs in computer operations  

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