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Current and Upcoming Training Courses at CIS Haret Hreik Training Center

Check out the latest training courses in Haret Hreik:
  • Current Training Courses:
    • Men Hairdressing Training Course
    • German Language Training Course
    • Make-Up Training Course
    • English Language Training Course
    • French Language Training Course
    • Ticketing Training Course
    • Conversation English Training Course
    • Personal Trainer Training Course
    • Sports Nutrition Training Course
    • Kindergarten Training Course
    • Nutrition Training Course
    • Assistant Pharmacist Training Course
    • Arabic Language Training Course
    • Montage Training Course
    • Photography Training Course
    • Cooking Training Course
    • Web Design Training Course
    • Psychology Training Course
    • Python Training Course
    • Makeup Training Course
    • German Language Training Course
    • Car Mechanics Training Course
    • Mobile Maintenance Training Course
    • Accounting Training Course

  • Upcoming Training Courses:
    • English Language Training Course
    • Makeup Training Course
    • Men Hairdressing Training Course
    • Dentist Assistant Training Course
    • Fashion design Training Course
For further information, feel free to contact us on 00961 (1) 5555896 ext 103.
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