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3ds Max Training Course

3ds Max, is a 3D computer graphics software designed for developing sophisticated 3D animations, models, and images presentation.
|t is powerful and flexible for architecture, video game developers, TV commercial studios, architectural visualization studios, movie effects, and movie pre-visualization. With our 3ds max course students are put on the right track into the deep world of 3 Dimensions by learning how to use the 3ds Max program properly.

Students receive a certification in 3ds Max accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing this course.


The 3D-Max training course is designed to teach participants how to model, apply materials, add lights and cameras, render still photos, and animate architectural or interior scenarios using 3D Studio Max. Scenes could be fully modeled in Max after being imported as 3D or 2D from AutoCAD. Although the 3D-Max training course is geared for architects and interior designers, anyone who wants to utilize 3DS Max would benefit from it. The architect and interior design components of the software are covered deeply int his course. Participants of the 3D-Max training course have the choice to take the 3D-Max training course online through Microsoft teams or in class as per their preference with professional instructors in the field. The 3D-Max training course is given within 2 months.



The main objectives of 3D-Max training course at our training center are:


  • Use the Interface

  • Use Selection and Transformation Tools

  • Create and Modify Mesh Objects

  • Create and Modify Poly Objects

  • Import AutoCAD 2D Files and Model in Max

  • Organize AutoCAD Files Using Layers and P-lines

  • Import P-lines from AutoCAD Files to Create 3D Objects in Max

  • Use Standard Lights

  • Create a Night View Using Photometric Lights

  • Create Daylight Systems

  • Add and Modify Cameras

  • Create, Get, Modify, and Save Materials

  • Import a 3D Hut from AutoCAD to Assign Materials, Add Backgrounds, and Render

Career opportunities:

At the end of the 3D-Max training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • 3D-Max freelancer

  • Work for furniture companies

  • Work for interior designers

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