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AutoCAD Training Course

Autocad 2D is an engineering drafting software that provides the tools for map drawing. With our AutoCAD Training Course resolve the most complex geometrical designing fields including architectural, interior, landscaping, and GIS system and even create logos that are difficult to design on other software. This course equips the students with the tools they need to draw proper maps, Students will learn about the tools, drawing objects on layers, publishing, and a lot more.

Students receive a certification In AutoCAD accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing this course.​



The online AutoCAD training course is appropriate for both experienced designers looking to master a new skill and total beginners. The AutoCAD training course will teach you all you need to know about using AutoCAD. Participants will get hands-on practice. Learn where to find and use the software's various features. Learn how to automate the drafting process so they can produce more precise drawings in less time. The AutoCAD training course is given online through Microsoft teams or in class per the preference of the participant with professionals in this domain. The AutoCAD training course is given within 2 months.


The main objectives of the AutoCAD training course at our training center are:

  • Using the functions and commands of AutoCAD software to create, save, and print drawings that make use of multiple lines, geometric shapes, and curves.

  • Locating and applying the many features of AutoCAD. Automate the drafting process.
    Creating more accurate drawings in less time than traditional drafting methods.

  • Locating and applying the features of AutoCAD that provide for the accurate addition of dimensions, tolerances, and drawing notes and labels using symbols and placements recognized by multiple standards organizations.

  • Using the functions and commands of AutoCAD software to create isometric and three-dimensional drawings and models.

Career opportunities


At the end of the AutoCAD training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • AutoCAD Freelancer

  • Work for different types of companies (design, engineering printing… etc.)

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