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V-ray Training Course

  V-ray is a highly advanced rendering application used for 3D computer graphics software.
It is a professional rendering engine that generates a realistic photo with actual lighting effects in 3D architecture, films, and video game industries. Our V-ray Training Course lets the students improve their 3D skills and generate flawless drawings using the software tools instructed during the course.

Students receive a certification in V-ray accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing this course.


V-Ray is considered as a plug-in for 3ds Max. It has an improved rendering engine that takes indirect lighting into account. It also provides lighting and material options. Mastering this plug-in allows you to produce stunning 3D realistic graphics. The architect and interior design components of the software are covered deeply in the V-Ray training course. Participants of the V-Ray training course have the choice to take this training course online through Microsoft teams or in class as per their preference with professional instructors in the field. The V-Ray training course is given within 1 month.


The main objectives for the V-Ray training courses at our training center are:


By the end of the V-Ray training course participants will learn how to use 3D Studio Max and the V-Ray plug-in to create realistic exterior and interior scenes. They will also learn more material, lighting, and rendering techniques.

Career opportunities :

At the end of the V-Ray training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • 3D-Max freelancer

  • Work for furniture companies

  • Work for interior designers

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