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Computer Essentials Training Course


Computer Essentials training course is a digital literacy course that teaches participants the computer and Internet essential skills they'll need to use a computer properly for college courses, schools and the workplace today. The adaptive learning system develops a tailored learning path for each participant to learn all the basics he or she needs to use and communicate with computers professionally. The computer essentials training course is given within 3 months.


The main objectives of the Computer Essentials training course at our training center are:

  • Understand Fundamentals of Computing 

  • Living in the Digital Age     

  • Apply computer-based application

The computer is highly required for any job or task one might be required to do, we understand that there are a lot of people with little computer literacy. This is why we created the Computer Essentials Training Course specifically for these people. The course includes an introduction to computers, using MS Windows operating system, word processing over MS Word and Spreadsheet processing over MS excel.

The students attain a certification accredited by the Ministry of Education upon the completion of the Computer Essentials Training Course.

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