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Web Development Training Course

A good website needs to have a good structure, this course teaches the students to create a perfect structure for their websites. The students end up being to deliver a functional website at the end of the course.
The material covered in the course are HTML on Dreamweaver PHP, MySQL,, and SQL.
Students receive a certification accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing of the Web Development Training Course.


World is changing rapidly and so is technology! Learn a new technology skill to build a better future for you and for the world. The web development training course is intended to teach students the fundamentals of web development in a project-based learning environment. Students are taught the basic elements of web development, such as web hosting, file organization, and incorporating JavaScript into HTML files. Noting that web programming and IT related jobs are on high demand in which the completion of this courses will open various job opportunities. The web development training course is given within 3 months.



The main objectives of the web development training course at our training center are:

  • Identify different types of tags:

  • Understanding and applying Web Networking basics including TCP/IP, HTTP(S), URLs, and DNS.

  • Understanding the role and functions of Web servers and server framework.

  • Use HTML effectively in web development


Career opportunities:

At the end of the web development training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:


  • Web developer for and IT company

  • Web developer for different industries/ freelancer

  • Remote job in web development

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