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Web Design Training Course

Because creating a good website structure is not enough to create a perfect website, we are offering the Web Design Training Course that teaches student how to make their websites looks and function perfectly. The course includes HTML on Dreamweaver, Cascade Style Sheet, Java, and Flash.

Students receive a certification in Web Design accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing Web Design Training Course. 


The web design training course combines fundamental web design ideas with hands-on activities related to the process of developing and producing static Web pages. These principles serve as the foundation for the knowledge and abilities taught in following program courses. Design aspects, accessibility, usability, and functionality will be investigated to show how they affect visual and text content. The participant's professional portfolio project will begin with application activities involving HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, and web design industry tools such as code editing and picture manipulation software. The web design training course is given online through Microsoft teams or in class as per the preference of the participants with experts in the field of web design. The web design training course is given within 2 months.



The main objectives for the web design training courses at our training center are:

  • Use basic design and technical web skills to develop web pages.

  • Plan and organize proper file structures to facilitate management of site content.

  • Apply basic user-centered elements and principles to create effective site navigation which considers accessibility, usability and functionality.

  • Analyze and critique web design principles and their use in web sites through group discussion.

  • Create a multipage web site, effectively communicating content through the technical and design skills listed above


Career opportunities:


At the end of the web design training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • Web designer freelancer

  • Employee at any company in web design department

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