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Graphic and Design Training Courses

Graphics and Design Training Courses

At CIS College we are proud to offer Graphic Design courses that enable our students to become professionals in the graphic design industry in 3 months only! This is thanks to the material engineering of our courses that mimic that of the university courses. In addition to providing the students with the software tools, we also teach them how to make the best use of them in our creativity courses section.

The Engineering Design courses provide any student being an engineer or of any different profession with the know-how to create remarkable designs in just 2 months. It is worth noting the great demand on professional engineering designers by the market recently.

We offer the following Graphics and Design Training Courses:
  1. Photoshop
  2. Illustrator
  3. In-Design
  4. AutoCAD
  5. 3ds Max
  6. V-ray
  7. Revit
Please click on any of the courses below for more information. 
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