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دورات الكومبيوتر

Computer and Programming Training Courses

Our Computer Training Courses cover topics ranging from the most basic computer literacy to complex specialized and advanced computer and programming courses.
All of our below mentioned courses are instructed by our highly professional and experienced trainers in our computer labs which are fitted with state of the art computers and equipped with MS licensed software. These courses are greatly beneficial since they help keep people and business up-to-date in the internet world.
Some of our Computer and Programming Training Courses are:
  1. Computer Essentials (Windows, Word & Excel)
  2. Microsoft Office  (Word Advanced, Excel Advanced, Internet, PowerPoint)
  3. Access
  4. Computer Maintenance (A+)
  5. Web Design (HTML, CSS or FLASH)
  6. Web Development (PHP, mySQL, ASP & SQL)
  7. Mobile Application Development  (iOS, Android)
  9. Network (N+)
  10. Programming Languages (C, C++, C# or Java)
Please click on one of the courses below for more information.
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