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Fixing a Computer

Computer Maintenance (A+) Training Course


The computer maintenance training course presents the computer system, its components, how to assemble and troubleshoot a personal computer. We will focus on computer hardware including: the motherboard, CPUs, memory units, ports, connectors, peripherals and network concept, types of network, cable, wireless, devices, install maintain and troubleshoot computer hardware set up, maintain and troubleshoot secure networks, install and maintain physical cabling infrastructure of a network during the training sessions. The computer maintenance training course is a combination of modest theoretical sessions and more of practical sessions that will be delivered at CIS modern and advanced computer labrtories and workshops.Participants  of the computer maintenance training course also have the opportunity to take this course online through microsoft teams under the supervision of experts in the field of computer maintenance.  The computer maintenance training course is given within 2 months.


The main objectives of the computer maintenance training course at our training center are:


  • Acquire theoretical knowledge on computer maintenance.

  • Properly identify hardware and software problems and suggest repairs.

  • Disassemble and reassemble computers and their components without creating any additional damage.

  • Format and install a new operating system. Fix networking issues.

Career Opportunities:

At the end of the computer maintenance training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:  

  • PC maintenance technician

  • Technical support specialist

  • Computer technician

  • IT department supporter

More Information:

The Computer Maintenance Training Course is instructed in accordance to the CompTIA A+ certification. This course enables the students to become familiar with everything related to computer parts and their function, in addition to spotting hardware problems and repairing them. This course sets the students on the right track if they are pursuing a career in IT,
Upon completion of the Computer Maintenance (A+) Training Course, students receive a certification accredited from the Ministry of Education.

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