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Oriental Cooking Training Course

Oriental Cooking Training Course


The oriental cooking training course will shed the light on various kinds of oriental cooking techniques.  CIS training center offers a hands-on food preparatory experience in preparing different oriental dishes in which you will explore best middle eastern home-cooking dishes, restaurant dishes and exciting foodie experiences in our professional kitchens. At the end of this course you will be able to make professional oriental dishes like a real chef in a restaurant. The oriental cooking training course caters a range of experience level starting for basics of cooking to advanced levels. Participants of the oriental cooking training course have the option to take this course online through Microsoft teams or in our professional well equipped kitchens at CIS training center premise. The oriental cooking training course is given within2 months.


The main objectives for the oriental cooking training courses at our training center are:

  • Learn best practices to well-kept culinary equipment by training

  • Explore fundamentals of cooking ingredients, spices and flavor profile

  • Create delicious oriental meals

  • Apply cooking tips and tricks professionally

Career opportunity:

At the end of the oriental cooking training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • Home-cooking freelancer

  • Restaurant chef

  • Daily cooking business owner

The Oriental Cooking Training Course will help students acquire all the skills related in the making of Lebanese food such as: Mlokhiyeh, Bamiyeh, Loubiyeh, Warak Inab, Moghrabiyeh, Grilled Food, Lebanese Appetizers, Rice and Chicken Lamb etc… 
Upon the completion of the Oriental Cooking Training Course, the student attains an accredited certification in Oriental Cooking from the Ministry of Education.
Course Duration: 60 hours
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