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International Sweets Training Course

The International Sweets Training Course will help students acquire all the skills related in the making of international desserts such as:
  • Cheesecake
  • English Cakes
  • Fruit Cakes
  • Tiramisu
  • Fondue au Chocolate
  • Cookies 
  • Tarts
and many more types
This course will enable the trainees to work in professional international sweets department and even open their sweets shop.
Upon the completion of the International Sweets Training Course, the student attains an accredited certification in International Sweets from the Ministry of Education


There is nothing better than being surrounded by the smell of vanilla and sugar as you learn how to delicious western sweets in this professional course. In the western sweets training course you will be guided by professional chiefs who are experts in the field of international sweets in which they will teach you best techniques and practices on creating a wide variety of traditional western sweets such as muffins, cheese cakes, cookies, tarts and much more. The western sweets training course is a hands-on learning experience and suitable for all skills levels.  The western sweets training course is given online through Microsoft teams or in our highly equipped kitchens under the supervision of experts in the field of sweets and pastry. The western sweets training course is given within 2 months.



The main objectives for the western sweets training courses at our training center are:

  • Making international sweets professionally

  • Learn best practices to well-kept culinary equipment related to sweets

  • Apply sweets tips and tricks professionally



Career opportunities:

At the end of western sweets training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • Sweets chef in a bakery

  • Sweets chef in a restaurant

  • Sweets shop owner

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