Image by Ali Tarhini

Oriental Sweets Training Course

The Oriental Sweets Training Course will help students acquire all the skills related in the making of oriental desserts such as: 
  • Kunafeh

  • Halawat aljeben

  • Athmaliya

  • Znoud AlSit

  • Maamoul

  • Mafroukah

  • Madlouka

  • Chouaibiat

  • Maamoul with Almond, Peanuts, and Dates

  • Maakroun

  • Kashta

  • Aish AlSaray

  • Baklawa

  • Katayef

  • Nammoura

  • Sfouf

This course will enable the trainees to work in professional oriental sweets department and even open their own oriental sweet store.

Upon the completion of the Oriental Sweets Training Course, the student attains an accredited certification in Oriental Sweets from the Ministry of Education.
Course Duration: 60 hours
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