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CIS College Training Center

CIS College Training Center offers a wide variety of training courses in different fields. The aim of these courses is to provide the full support for students, employees and even managers who wish to be up-to-date in the labor sector and enhance their skills. By the end of each training course, trainees attain an accredited certification from the Ministry of Education. We insure that all the instructors giving our training courses are professional, experienced and of high standards.
Our training center offers courses in the following fields:​
In addition to the Individual Training Courses offered, CIS College also offers Corporate Training Courses for NGOs and companies that aim to enhance their trainees and employees' skills and qualifications.
We are proud to inform you that we have participated in several trainings and have trained over 1500 trainees in various fields since 2013; in collaboration with many well-known NGOs and organizations such as: 
NGO Collaborations
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