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Hospitality & Cooking Department

The cooking and hospitality industry is considered as the most profitable majors in the service economy.

So, the “CIS College” training center offers training courses in culinary arts capable of making a professional chef skilled enough to prepare all kinds of eastern and western dishes.


The cooking training courses teaches how to prepare plates and desserts, recipes and basic ingredients, nutritional contents, in addition to the way of presenting and decorating food and sweets with an artistic touch.


The "CIS COLLEGE" training center also offers you training courses in the field of hospitality and restaurant management to ensure that the participants in these training courses have professional skills in this field in a short period of time, which allow them to enter the labor market directly and open their own projects, knowing that they will obtain an authenticated certificate approved by the Ministry of Education at the end of each training course.

The Department of Culinary and Hospitality , CIS COLLEGE Training Center, offers training courses in the following fields :

Food Processing
Agro-Food Processing
Waiter Services
Line Cook
Restaurants Management
Dairy Product Processing
Food Safety

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