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Beauty and Esthetics Training Courses Department

As wide as the world of beauty and its standards is, the career opportunities in the domain of beauty are so broad. People always strive to appear in the best look.

Here comes the role of beauty experts, skin care, and nail care, as well as men or women’s hairdressers or barbers, to meet the demand of customers by designing a stunning appearance for them.

That’s why, CIS College Training Center offers you training courses in the field of beauty that teach participants all the skills necessary to become professional beauty experts in a short period of time.

Accordingly, they can work efficiently in this field at salons or beauty centers, or as freelancers.  In addition to the possibility of using social media to promote their work and expertise.

All of the classes are instructed in a modern salon which is equipped with the latest equipment in the beauty industry to give our students the best exposure before entering the work market 

The Department of Beauty and Esthetics at CIS COLLEGE Training Center, offers training courses in the following fields :
Celebrities Makeup
Micro-blading Technique
Lash Lifting, Extension & Brow Lamination

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