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Dentist Assistant Training Course

Willing to become a professional Dentist Assistant in few months only ?
The dentist assistant is a very demanded field with plenty of job opportunities offered. He/She works directly under the supervision of the dentist and helps the dentist in the following tasks:
  1. Prepare the patient for treatment
  2. Sterilization of various medical tools
  3. Passing the tools the doctor needs during operations
  4. Initial detection of dental x-rays
  5. Prepare temporary bridges for dental dressings
  6. Stock control and supplies
Upon the completion of the Dentist Assistant Training Course, students receive a certification accredited from the Ministry of Education.


Dentist’s Assistant training course is designed to give participants all the knowledge needed in Assisting with dental procedures in a dental clinic besides the dentists. The dental assistant training course covers the fundamentals of preventative dentistry and the function of the dental assistant, such as dental terminology, the use of dental instruments, basic anatomy for teeth, basic pharmacology, infection control, and the different treatments performed by dentists, oral and equipment hygiene, and patient care. The dental assistant training course is basically hands on practical course that will be given in a class equipped with medical equipment as if they are in a real clinical setting at CIS premises. Participants of the dental assistant training course also have the opportunity to take this course online through Microsoft teams.  The “Dentist’s Assistant” training course is given within 6 months.



The main objectives for the dental assistant training courses at our training center are:

  • describe the roles of dental health care professionals

  • Demonstrate proficiency in dental charting and using dental terminology

  • Describe the most common infection oral diseases

  • Describe the general features of the teeth

  • Identify common dental hand instruments, and explain how they are used in delivering dental care

  • Identify the basic principles of pharmacology

  • Describe how to apply the principles of dental asepsis in performing dental assisting duties.

  • Apply safe and hygiene procedures while assisting the dentist

  • Properly greet, interact, answer and determine patient’s calls

  • Arrange appointments professionally

  • Apply filing in a proper way at a dentist’s clinic

  • Apply administrative tasks in a dentist’s clinic professionally and avoiding any conflicts

  • Enhance proper communication and administrative skills related to health care


Career opportunities:

At the end of the dental assistant training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • Dentist’s assistant at a dental clinic

  • Work at dental laboratories

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