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Personal Trainer Training Course

The Personal Trainer Training Course provides coaches and athletes with the needed knowledge to offer their clients the best fitness service possible by offering them a healthy prescription and instruction that would help them reach an ideal body. 

The course includes:

  • Who is the personal trainer

  • Job opportunities for the personal trainer

  • Anatomy and mathematical physiology

  • Skill-related health fitness

  • Organizing training programs

  • Sports nutrition

  • Injuries and diseases



The aim of the “personal training” training course is to prepare successful personal training.  PT is the Personal Fitness Trainer. This sports course teaches and assesses the basic material in sports needed to coach people in gyms, health clubs, and other one-on-one fitness contexts.  If you are in the domain of fitness and sports or new to the game, this course will teach you the fundamental knowledge and principles you'll need to construct your own personal training program and become a professional personal trainer for all group ages.  The "personal training “training course is given within 5 months.



The main objectives for the “personal training” training courses at our training center are:

  • Interpret and analyze precise recommendations for scientific testing and assessment of various fitness components.

  • Describe the many training strategies for increasing power, strength, fitness, weight loss and endurance, as well as teaching various exercise routines to be applied for sportive clients.

  • Outline a training program based on individual physical characteristics and personal goals, as well as the most common metabolic pathways in sports.

  • Incorporate ethical, legal, and socio-cultural considerations into sports management decision-making and policy-making.

  • Use sports marketing criteria.


Career opportunities:

At the end of the” personal training” training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:

  • Freelancer Personal trainer

  • Personal trainer at a gym

  • Work as a PT with nutritionists and dietitians

  • Work in physical therapy clinics

  • Work with sports supplements companies

  • Sports content creator

Course Time: The course available before and after the afternoon

By the end of the course, participants get an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Education in Lebanon

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