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Assistant Pharmacist Training Course

A Pharmacist Assistant works along with a Pharmacist, playing an essential role in the healthcare team providing pharmacy services to the community.
Pharmacy Assistants perform many tasks including filling prescriptions, packaging and labeling pharmaceutical products, keeping records of prescriptions and drug inventories, formulating medications, handling sales transactions, providing excellent customer service and much more!
Pharmacy assistants are an essential part of pharmacy practice in the community. The pharmacist assistant training course focuses on the techniques, materials, and information needed that will qualify you to work as pharmacist assistants in a pharmacy.
The pharmacist assistant training course will also provide participants with basic concepts of pharmacy, the role of a pharmacist, and the role and duties of a pharmacist assistant. The pharmacist assistant training course program will include modules on how to work in a pharmacy as an assistant in completing the aforementioned work well that will provide participants with skills and even help them find a career at a later time.
The pharmacy assistance training course is basically hands on practical course that will be given in a class equipped with medical and pharmaceutical equipment at CIS premises.
Participants of the pharmacist assistant training course also have the opportunity to take this class online through Microsoft teams.  The pharmacist assistant training course is given within 6 months.
The assistant pharmacist is one of the highly demanded vacancies in the pharmaceutical industry. He/She works directly under the supervision of the pharmacist. This course is a 6 months course including a training period in a pharmacy. 
Participating in this course, allows you to gain knowledge in the following subjects:
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology
  • Public health
  • Anatomy
  • Drug Administration and storage
  • Drugstore marketing and sales 
  • Pharmacy law
  • First aid
Opportunities and workplaces for Assistant Pharmacist are in:
  • Hospitals
  • Primary health care centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical warehouses (medical supply)
  • Pharmaceutical companies and factories
  • Inventory control departments.
Upon the completion of the Assistant Pharmacist Training Course, students receive a certification accredited in Assistant Pharmacist from the Ministry of Education.

Course Objectives : 

The main objectives for the pharmacist assistant training courses at our training center are:

  • Receiving some work and tasks and completing them perfectly.

  • Organizing and arranging the workplace before and after completion of work.

  • Maintains calm and order in the pharmacy, laboratory and workplace.

  • Know the departments and branches that make up the pharmacy.

  • Receiving medicines and other agents, verifying them and packing them

  • Monitoring the expiry date of medicines and avoiding spoilage

  • Knowing and using vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements

  • Knowing the filling of medical prescriptions for insurance and others

  • Accounting knowledge

  • Ability to handle and review medical prescriptions

  • Ability to collaborate effectively with the pharmacist

  • Knowledge of types of infant formula, diapers and baby supplies

  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical forms and the differences between them and ways to use them

  • Knowledge of medical supplies and their uses

  • Knowing how to use Soft Pharm Software

Course Objectives : 

At the end of the pharmacist assistant training course at our training center, participants may get the following job opportunities:


  • Pharmacist Assistant

  • pharmaceutical supplies sales

  • Employee in pharmaceutical companies

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