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Car Mechanics Training Course

Car Mechanics is an auto maintenance program that has a great importance in the field of properly and accurately diagnosing vehicle faults and repairing these faults through accurate knowledge of auto parts, engines and systems in theory and practice.
The course includes:

  • Occupational Safety

  • Engine parts

  • Auxiliary systems (oil, cooling, brakes, feeding and lighting system)

  • Fixed Engine Parts (Colas, Hood, Engine Body, Cartier)

  • Moving parts (their number and drawings)

  • Performing checks on the machines, including (testing machine and pressure watch)

  • A brief explanation about auto electricity

  • Transmission devices (gearbox, budget box, and brakes)

  • Load devices (Resurrection, Buck, and Quad)

  • Malfunctions in each system and how to fix them

  • General faults and how to repair

Course Time: The course is available in both before and afternoon schedules
At the end of the course, the trainee gets a certificate certified by the Ministry of Education.

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