Nutrition Training Course

Nutrition Training Course

CIS College offering the chance to get two degrees at once.The Nutrition Department -and- The Art of Healthy Cooking

In this course you will learn different dietary processes by which it provides nutrition that will suit your client's needs, whether they want to lose, gain, or just maintain your weight. 

The Training Course of "Nutrition Management" includes the study of food and vitamins that the person needs to maintain a healthy body. And if he/she is also interested in studying the different food patterns and their effects on the body.
This specialization qualifies students within 6 months to gain the knowledge and practical experience that is  necessary to work in food production companies, submit healthy food suggestions, manage nutrition in restaurants and health centers, manage the storage of food materials and supplies , prepare and cook food.

What will you learn?

  1. Introduction to Nutrition

  2. Public Health

  3. Food Service and Food Safety

  4. Vitamins

  5. Weight Management

  6. Calories Calories

  7. Life Cycle

  8. The Art of Healthy Cooking

At the end of the course, you get a certificate certified by the Ministry of Education

Courses Duration: 6 Months
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